Paul Andrew Petry is a Christian family law attorney in Seattle, Washington with offices just off I-5 near Northgate. He began practicing law in 1994 with Michael Bugni. Today, Mike Bugni is a pro-tem King County Family Court Commissioner and founder of Michael W. Bugni and Associates. Paul Petry has experience in King County and Snohomish County Superior Court in litigation, dissolution, legal separation, child custody, child support, and domestic violence cases, when an order for protection or an ex parte restraining order or TRO is required to prevent abuse when anger management or therapy may be appropriate. Paul Petry also focuses on modification of parenting plans and modification of child support and when a petition to modify a decree of dissolution may be sought, at which time a motion and affidavit for adequate cause would be noted on the court calendar.

Common law marriage is not recognized in Washington. Community property and separate property may be determined even when a couple is unmarried or not legally married but cohabitate or live together outside the state of holy matrimony – which may also entail paternity issues if a child is born to the couple in cohabitation. In Washington, when a Christian man or woman is facing a marriage crisis, divorce or legal separation, whether it is a contested divorce or uncontested divorce or dissolution of marriage, as well as collaborative divorce, they often feel more comfortable seeking representation by a Christian divorce lawyer or a Christian divorce attorney in Seattle. Even with the best matrimonial intentions at the time of their wedding - a Christian family law attorney with experience in King County Superior Court or Snohomish County Superior Court can provide legal counsel on a number of family law matters, including adoption. During disputes regarding custody, paternity, or parenting plan modification, a guardian ad litem or GAL is often ordered by the court to investigate allegations and determine a residential schedule that is in the best interests of the child – the standard required by the RCW or Revised Code of Washington. Washington does not have a grandparent rights statute which would give grandparents visitation rights with their grandchild or grandchildren.

Paul A. Petry’s experience as Christian attorney and as an elder and a pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, where Mark Driscoll is pastor, enabled him to work with many a husband and wife to work towards a settlement or resolution of their differences through reconciliation and mediation, also called ADR or alternative dispute resolution. Many sought Pastor Paul Petry for counseling when they discovered he was a Christian lawyer. He has worked with families from diverse cities as Seattle, Everett, Kent, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Renton, Federal Way, Tacoma, with clients throughout King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties and the Puget Sound area. Today, Paul receives referrals from Overlake Christian Church, Westminster, Northshore Baptist Church - Pastor Jan Hettinga, Christian Faith Center - Pastor Casey Treat, Grace Presbyterian Church, Greenlake Presbyterian Church, Univerity Presbyterian Church – UPC, and pastors of churches and counselors in the Pacific Northwest.

When a court order, decree, or parenting plan is not being followed or for nonpayment of child support , – a motion for contempt may be brought before the court and relief sought on behalf of the aggrieved party, including attorneys fees and court costs, according to RCW 26.09.