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screen Best way to take screenshot in windows 10

Open the Run menu by pressing “Win + X” shortcut keys from the keyboard. From the User Accounts main window select the “Change your Account type” option. Type cmd and press enter to open Command Prompt. In that matter, if you want to gain full control over your Windows 10 device first you must make yourself an administrator.

  • Or, even better, use the Ctrl + V keyboard command to paste your content.
  • Instead, there will be ‘S mode’, which can be enabled for any edition.
  • As a result, most users were forced to resort to the deprecated Snipping tool or install a third-party app to take screenshots on their Windows computers.
  • The method activates the Administrator account on the Windows 10 machine.

Windows 10 has 2 built-in ways to take screenshots. These are fast, convenient, and easy to remember. Windows 10 tutorials, guides, tips, tricks, and hidden features. To get updates on the latest tech news, smartphones, and gadgets, follow us on our social media profiles. Just press Ctrl + Shift + 1 together to start the application. Screenshot, screengrab, or screencap – whatever you call it, is an image of exactly what’s displayed on your desktop screen.

How do you take a screenshot on Windows 7 and save it automatically?

You can’t run cmd as an administrator if you are not an administrator, because you don’t have a password. Note in the properties information-It says the password was last set in 2010 which is probably when the computer was built with Windows 7. It says the password never expires and password required yes. With a message “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?

On Windows 10, when this key is pressed, the image of the screen is copied to the clipboard. It is important to note that Windows 10 doesn’t give you any confirmation that your screen has been captured which does confuse many as to whether their Prt Scr key is even working. You have to open a program like Paint, Photoshop, Word, etc. and paste it there to see the screenshot. If more than one is showing, it captures everything shown on all of them in one image. This, though, just sends the image to the clipboard and does not save the image automatically. As soon as you’ve captured the screenshots on your Dell device, your image would be copied to the Clipboard.


It’s a lightweight capture tool and editor packed with numerous convenient features and a built-in editor for annotations and highlighting sections of the screenshots. This is available as a plugin for Chrome and Firefox and as a desktop application in Windows. It allows users to take screenshots of the entire browser window, part of the window or an entire webpage. The screen is captured and saved to the ‘Screenshots’ folder inside the Pictures library. Windows 10 machines come with a new screenshot capture combination. After launching the snipping tool application, select ‘mode’ and a drop-down list of the 4 modes you wish to pick appears.

Press Win+R to open the RUN Box, type cmd, and press enter. In case you’re giving admin rights to an account that uses a Microsoft account, type in only the first five letters of the email address. This is because Windows registers only the five letters of email address as the user’s name. Again, if you want to change the account type to Standard, use the command given below.


After taking the snip there are several tools for modifying the image. Find the perfect time to take a screenshot from your laptop. If you have just installed Windows 10 and you are adapting to each of its functions, you may be interested in knowing how to take a Screenshot. You may have recently gotten rid of Windows 8.1 and even Windows 7, where the process of taking a screenshot is easier. If that is the case, you should know the new strategies that will help you to screenshot your computer screen. Simply position your mouse to the corner of the area you’d like to capture, click it, hold and drag until the entire area is selected then let go.

When this is turned off, using your touchscreen will instead move the image around the window. Click wherever you want your snip to start, drag and release where you want the snip to end. Then your image will appear in the Snip & Sketch window. Hitting the Windows key and Print Screen (WinKey+PrntScr) not only copies the current screen to the clipboard, it also saves a file of the image in the Pictures folder under Screenshots.

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