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Reasonable Fees in Writing

A clear understanding of fees is important to the attorney-client relationship. The financial strains involved in a marriage or family crisis can be almost overwhelming, and we work hard to keep costs down. Every case is different. Your case will be assessed from the beginning as to what estimated expenses you should anticipate completing your case, and options that may be available to you will be discussed. In the State of Washington, a contingent fee arrangement is not permitted for domestic relations matters.

Before any work on your case begins, you will receive, in writing, a fee agreement which clearly lays out what the legal fees and costs involved will be. An important factor in controlling costs is whether or not the the other party will agree to settlement. If the other party is unwilling to settle, the process is likely to be more expensive. Our priority is to be conservative with costs and accurate as to our time, which is billed within tenth of an hour increments. You will receive periodic written statements showing all costs and services performed on your behalf every step of the way.

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